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Need for Speed Heat – Gameplay Trailer

Following up from our previous article, the game play trailer has been released for Need for Speed Heat. Seems like the layout and approach to the game will be similar to all open world racers but we have some smick graphics on our hands. Words can be used to describe what we saw but you'd most likely skip this part and...

Need for Speed Heat Revealed

A new addition to the Need For Speed family is coming and the name is Need for Speed Heat. With everybody focused on getting the racing simulator spot on, the NFS crew has assured us this is far from it with the trailer opting for a more lean, mean, street racing machine but with crook cops! If you love modding...

Season 3 Pass for Tekken 7 Introduce two new DLC and… maybe Solid snake in the future

Solid Snake Zafina Tekken 7
Snake said to Tekken producer Katsuhiro Harada, “That was some good-ass Tekken.” According to commentators Mark “MarkMan” Julio and Aris Bakhtanians, that clip was “only for the people that were here .”. Two more DLC characters, as well as a new game feature and a new stage will be added to Tekken 7 through the Season Pass 3 as well...

Arc System Works announced new Guilty Gear title

Guilty Gear
The Guilty Gear series had its first game in 1998, and enjoyed it's 20th year anniversary last year. Announced Live from EVO 2019 -  ArcSys announced a new project in the Guilty Gear series. https://youtu.be/vAJUvy4ibeA ArcSystem Works TEAM RED is happy to present this brand new trailer for the newest title in the 2.5D fighting game Guilty Gear series. Little information...

Capcom is testing something new with Resident Evil

In what is a badly translated attempt by me, It appears that the Capcom Division 1 crew is testing a new Resident Evil game or atleast a extended feature of an existing game. With the help of better translators from Biohaze, it looks like they have invited ambassadors of the franchise to come participate and provide feedback on some...

SNK Reveals King of Fighters 15 During EVO 2019

The surprise announcement was made at EVO 2019, During the Character FREE DLC Reveal, SNK has announced that King of Fighters XV is in development. No further details on when the game would be released or what platforms it will be available for were revealed. the fighting game tournament that sees players from across the world compete to be crowned...

Riot Games Plans to make a Fighting game

Like as big as things are, we think it has the potential to get bigger," said Cannon. League of Legends developer Riot Games is working on an unannounced fighting game, according to Evo fighting game tournament co-founder Tom Cannon, who also works at Riot. "So, the reason why we did Rising Thunder in the first place is that we...

Call of Duty Modern Warfare Multiplayer Reveal

Anybody remember the Modern Warfare Lobby's? Gosh were they a bundle of joy. Watching this trailer brings it all back and the final part of the video? Yup good memories of either hackers or someone going on an absolute rampage. Call of Duty Modern Warfare appears to have stunning graphics but i've seen statements made from people that the game...

PAX 2019 Melbourne is fast approaching

Yup, its that time of year where you put your g33k on and attend the gaming expo that arrives down under in October this year. Now you don't want to be like me and just attend the event without any knowledge of what is actually going down. So what exactly would you be expecting to see if you go...

Street Fighter 5 New Characters – E-Honda, Lucia and Posion

E. Honda, Lucia, and Poison
Recently Capcom announces a few characters to join the vast cast of Street Fighter V. Some new, some old and some would say, about time! https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=102&v=vJ86u--82Sk https://youtu.be/gyFZ5tmV4kk https://youtu.be/GLgtnuVYAT4


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